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One of my passion are andean plants.
Every time when I am searching for different versions, I meet my limits and want to extravagate them with you. There are many problems to get these special plants in their biodiversity. To make it easier for lovers and collectors of andean plants, I vuild a global peer-to-peer sharing platform.
Different languages should not be a problem, it will be always possible to have a conservation.
So my petition to all the lovers, collectors and people who cultivate andean plants:
Pleas registrate yourself on my page to conserve the biodiversity and to inspire more people. The acceptor has to pay the costof postage or otherwise change some tubers, seeds or plants with him.
To registrate send me an "E-mail"
It is on you to publish your name, e-mail and mailing adress or to use a nickname so that I will manage the contact. Important is the information about the country of origin, the possible language for conservation, the kind of andean plants you cultivate or search and if you will be able to help with translation from time to time.
Pleas take note that the beginning I will activate all the information to bar professionels. Because it would be helpful to have some photos of the andean plants to see their specialities, please send me your photo by mail or link. I will fix it in your article.
Maybe later I will publish a list of links of commercial.
Please let me know if you have some information, suggestion or ideas for improvement!

Thanks my friendly kolleg and his wife for translation

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More information about Andean tubers and shops

Please follow the terms of trade and instruction of quarantine. Do not offer protected sorts!

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